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Uniform and Equipment

At Kingsdown Secondary School, the appearance of our students is very important. We believe that the school uniform helps in the creation of a school community; wearing it emphasises membership and group identity. The way in which the uniform is worn is a reflection on the school and its standards. Our school uniform reflects a smart image.

Kingsdown students are expected to present themselves neatly and adhere to the requirements of the uniform code. Uniform should be worn on the way to school, through out the day and on school trips (unless otherwise instructed)

We ask parents/ cares to help and support us by providing full uniform and ensuring that students leave home wearing it correctly and looking smart.

For parents who have difficulties providing uniform please call the school office and speak to Lisa (School Administrator) on 0208 6571200.

All students must wear the following:

PE Kit:


We expect students to arrive each day properly equipped to take part in lessons.

We recommend a standard pencil case, pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, sharpener, coloured pens / pencils.

Our policy is that NO mobile phones, iPods and MP3 players etc are to be brought into school. If it is essential to bring such items into school they must be handed into the school office where they will be locked away and be handed back at the end of the school day. Also if any money is brought to school we would advise you to hand it into the school office for safe keeping.