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Attendance and Behaviour

At Kingsdown we believe that regular and punctual attendance are vital and can help establish good patterns for the future.

We recognise that many of our pupils have had a disrupted educational history and may have got out of the habit of coming to school regularly. We aim to support improvement by making the school a welcoming place and by acknowledging and rewarding good attendance.

We operate a first day of absence calling policy and parents/carers are contacted by 9.30 every day that their child/ward does not attend. We do authorise absence on medical grounds and also when pupils have unavoidable meetings and appointments elsewhere. We do however encourage other agencies to hold meetings outside school hours wherever possible and when this is not possible to hold the meeting here at Kingsdown so that we can minimise disruption to learning.

We liaise with Education Welfare Services whenever unauthorised absence becomes an issue.

Our Attendance Policy can be read in full ………… full document

At Kingsdown our Behaviour Policy underpins everything we do. It is reviewed and updated regularly in line with best practice. It is based on the principles of positive behaviour management and wherever possible we reward desired behaviours rather than sanctioning poor behaviour. We also have related policies on Screening and Searching for Weapons, Anti-Bullying and Positive Handling. All these policies can be read in full on the website but we have prepared a leaflet for parents/carers summarising the policies and a copy of that is included in this pack.

Our staff are trained in positive Behaviour Management and positive handling (team teach).